A Response To Israel Folau

If you have been keeping up with current events in the Australian media, or even media in the sporting field in general, you will be aware of the controversy surrounding Australian rugby player Israel Folau.

I won't go too much in to the detail of what he's done. That's already been reported and covered.

But what I want to do is give this response. 

If Mr. Folau (or anyone who is like-minded) come across this, then I hope it achieves one of two things:

1. That this helps you consider that you're not in a religion of love - you're in a religion whose selling point is moral superiority;

2. That saying bad things about people who are in no way harming you or anyone else is not an effective way of evangelising - it's just promoting the fact that you think you are morally superior because you have sidled up with the creator of the universe - the very definition of moral superiority.


Mr. Folau, if your religion requires you to believe that people who don't believe the same thing as you deserve punishment;

If your religion requires you to accept and to be morally comfortable with torture (for that is what Hell is in Fundamentalist Christianity - a place of literal torture);

If your religion requires you to believe that adults who partake in consensual sexual activity deserve punishment;

Then it's time to reconsider your religion.

DM me if you want to chat about this more.


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