Darwin vs God

One thing that strikes me as somewhat hypocritical is how religious people will pin the atrocities of the 20th century on Charles Darwin or on atheism (despite only tenuous links at best) yet when it's pointed out that religious people - especially Christians - have started wars, committed and assisted in genocides, enslaved people, protected child abusers and tortured people for thought crimes THEN out come the excuses:

They weren't true Christians.

They didn't read the Bible correctly.

They followed their sinful heart instead of listening to Jesus.

One could just as easily reply:

They weren't true atheists.

They didn't read Darwin correctly

They followed bad advice instead of listening to qualified professionals

One of the reasons I am writing about this is because I am writing up a response to the movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed...

Stay tuned!

Episode 81: "William Lane Craig Welcomes You To His Cult"

Some time ago, eminent Christian philosopher Dr. William Lane Craig released a video which can be summarised as a brief welcome to people who just converted to Christianity. Now, my opinion of Dr. Craig is admittedly low at the best of times, but even with giving him the benefit of the doubt, I really can't help but think that he's really welcoming you into a cult.

Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idDoRftSuRU

Preview #2 - "William Lane Craig Welcomes You To His Cult!"

 Here's another excerpt from my the latest episode that is currently in post-production, "William Lane Craig Welcomes You To His Cult".

Full episode to be released soon...or if you're on my good list and ask nicely, I might just send a sneak copy over to you :)

Preview - "William Lane Craig Welcomes You To His Cult!"

Below is a quick preview of my upcoming episode,  "William Lane Craig Welcomes You To His Cult", due for release in the next couple of weeks.

Stay posted for more previews, or may even the final product!

Dining Tip!

 A "fusion" restaurant is simply a restaurant that combines two styles of food and does neither of them well!

Stepping Away From Twitter

After a long period of personal reflection, I have decided to step away from Twitter for personal use for an indefinite period of time.

I will still be posting to the platform, but only from automated platforms in order to promote content that I produce, be it the Tall Friendly Atheist Dad podcast or other podcasts that I appear on.

But my decision comes down to these three factors (and Elon taking over Twitter is not one of them):

1. The ability of people to easily misunderstand each other on Twitter.

2. Bad-faith actors and the toxic environment.

3. Making a choice about where to put my time and energy.

One of the things I found about Twitter was how easy it is to misunderstand and misconstrue the words of someone, to the point that friendships gets ruined. Not only that, but also how toxic debate can be - ESPECIALLY if you're discussing hot-button topic like gender or abortion. And this isn't to mention the fact that ideological opponents seem more than willing to try ruin your personal life over disagreements.

I slowly realised that I got sick of taking the time and effort to couch my language and carefully select my words, only for people to accidentally misconstrue my intent (requiring more time and energy in apologies and the like), or act like asshats and deliberately misconstrue anyway.

And the other thing I realised was that I was investing way too much emotional energy in to endless arguments and unprofitable uses of time.

So yeah, if anyone who reads this sees I haven't been posting much on Twitter, that's why. I'm still creating content, but I'm doing it at my own pace and for my enjoyment. I just hope that you enjoy and find it informative!

I will be cancelling "The Great Televangelist Showdown" with immediate effect. The time and effort required to keep that up, alongside all the other stuff I do, ensured its demise.

I am still on social media, but just keeping things to myself, and I will be sporadically checking DMs incase you want to contact me directly.

Until next time, stay safe...

Episode 77 - Todd Friel's Bad Apologetics Remind Me Why I Love Mormonism!

Hey! You love provocative titles, right? And you have to admit - it did get your attention.

Some time back, Todd Frield, on his Wretched Radio show, gave some very bad apologetics and it made me realise - Todd Frield could also use those same apologetics to defend Mormonism.

And that then made me realise - the same apologetics evangelical Christians use to defend their belief in Jesus Christ, those same Christians will reject when it comes to Mormonism.

Darwin vs God