Discussion Post: Episode 38: "Looking In The Wrong Spot" - An Interview With An Archaeologist

In this episode of the Tall Friendly Atheist Dad Podcast, I interview J.J., a profesionally qualified arhcaeologian and theologian about how archaeology works both in the field and in academia, how biases have affected the field historically, and what evidence there is for the episodes we encounter in the Bible.

Mentioned: Kent Hovind, Ray Comfort, Eric Hovind.

"An Atheist Reads..." - Letter To A Christian Nation by Sam Harris (Pt 1)

Apologies for the delay: the audio starts at about 6:00.

In this episode, I livestream my reading "Letter To A Christian Nation" by Sam Harris, and add some thoughts.
What other books would you like me to read? Let me know!

Discussion Post: Episode 36 - How I Found My Religion & Lost It (w/Promethean Secular Frontier)

This latest episode of the podcast is from my chat with Brycearonee and Kayleb from the Promethean Secular Frontier, on the show Secular Soapbox, where I got to discuss my conversion to Christianity, my Christian walk, and then my deconversion and life as a secular atheist.
The audio is ripped from the livestream we did, but the full video is up on YouTube.
When you have time, check out the Promethean Secular Frontier (and maybe even consider helping them out on Patreon) - they are, just like me, dedicated to promoting positive atheism and a secular society. And the cool thing is - if you don't like one of their shows, there's always more!

Add your thoughts in the comments below!

Discussion Post: Episode 35: Bad Jesus Apologetics - Pt 1

In this episode, I discuss what I call "Bad Jesus Apologetics" in reference to this frequently-cited list of facts about Jesus from early non-Christian sources: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RnQe0g5SNXYY7rpriw-nx7XHwWrThBRS/view?usp=sharing.

The point of this episode is not to say Jesus didn't exist - that is a discussion for another episode. But it is to say that the case for the walking, talking, son-of-God Jesus, especially by considering these sources as reinforcement for the claims of the gospels, has particular issues that most people aren't aware of.

Leave your thougths below :)