Episode 47 - A Hint Of Mythology

In this episode, I take a look at the passage from Acts where Jesus ascents and discuss that it the best explanation for the passage comes from ancient mythology, and how even if it was a literal recounting of history, would require miracles as an explanation.

What are your thoughts? Let me know below!

Episode 46 - 2000 Plays + 500 Followers Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who supported me in reaching this milestone of 2000 plays and 500 followers combined for the Twitter and Facebook accounts.
Following this episode will be two changes:
1. Regular episode releases every Sunday morning.

2. Brand new intro and segue music from the band Victim Of Illusion from the album 'Invisible Light'

Discussion Post: Episode 45 - - KJV Bible Debate - Responses From An Atheist (Part 2)

In this episode of the Tall Friendly Atheist Dad Podcast, I respond to points made during the Q&A session at a recent KJV Bible debate held at Bible Missionary Baptist Church between Mr. Mitch Canupp and Mr. Nathan Cravatt, moderated by Mr. Cody Zorn.

This isn't a word-for-word, sentence-by-sentence rebuttal - simply a series of response points to points I wanted to make responses to.

This episode covers points made in the Q&A session with questions from the audience, and the previous episode in the series counters points made during the introductory statements and the debate.

Leave your talking points in the comments below!