Episode 70: The Announcement: I Am God! (A Thought Exercise)

Listen up, plebeians and proletariat alike. If you are in doubt that a deity exists, then this is the proof you need!

In this episode of The Tall Friendly Atheist Dad Podcast, my true identity is revealed...but why do I only reveal it now? You'll have to listen up!

Episode 69: Is Atheism The Lamest Religion Of All?

In this special episode of The Tall Friendly Atheist Dad Podcast, Lewis Ungit and I discuss the idea of atheism being the lamest religion of all.

The first part is my scripted response to the statement, followed by a 90 minute chat on the topic.

Many thanks to The Skeptical Ghost Heathen and Justin for the introductions - you can find them at The History Of Religions And Their Gods on Apple Podcasts and The Prince Of Memegypt on Facebook.

And, as always, many thanks to Victim Of Illusion for the cool music :)