It Begins...

My copy of I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist has arrived, I have already read the foreword and introductions...and my blood pressure is already elevated 😆

My initial thoughts are these:

1. Turek and Geisler do not understand, or seem to have no concept of rational atheism, i.e. the rejection of theistic claims for rational and methodologically sound reasons.
To them, if you're an atheist, you're just a believer in nothing. This is patently incorrect, and I have already written a couple of posts about how atheism isn't a faith.

2.  Turek and Geisler seem to be of the opinion that God and the Bible are the same thing - if the Bible if true, then God is real, and if God is real, the Bible is true.
This is intellectually dishonest, as they (for unspecified reasons) can't seem to grasp the possibility of a God that exists, but a Bible that is false, or even that the Bible has some things that are true and some things false - the Bible is completely true, or nothing.

Anyway, stay tuned for my chapter-by-chapter responses (or sometimes even heading-by-heading).


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