E-Book: The Best Religion For The Task At Hand

"The Best Religion For The Task At Hand - A Response To Creationism, And Why Humanism Is Morally Superior To The Bible" is out now on both the iTunes Books and the Google Play Bookstore.

Written as a response to a defence of Biblical morality, this book responds to a number of talking points Christian apologists, and especially Fundamentalists, use when they attempt to poke holes in the supposed weaknesses of secular morality.

But with this book, you will come across a series of rational, balanced and witty responses to those talking points that get to the heart of the matter: religion-as-morality isn't interested in human-wellbeing, so we need a better way. And that better way lies in Humanism.

Buy it, read it, quote it and inform yourself on some clever ways you can counter Fundamentalist apologists!

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