The Great Televangelist Showdown Of 2022!

For a bit of a laugh, I have decided I want to see which televangelist would come out on top in a popularity (or maybe lack of popularity) contest!

So while I was bored one day, I plucked out the names of 32 televangelists - past and present, some who are deceased, some who have fallen out of the public eye, some whose star has faded and some who are still kicking on - and thought, let's see which one is the internet's favourite.

My definition of televangelist is as such:

A person who is notable for using (or having used) mediums such as radio, television and/or the internet to broadcast the preaching of topics relating to Christianity and Christian theology, and particularly from a primarily Protestant, but in particular Evangelical or Fundamentalist perspective.

The contest will be as such:

Starting Friday 16th September, every three days on both this blog and on the Twitter page for The Tall Friendly Atheist Dad Podcast, I will post a poll featuring the names of two televangelists.

The voting public will then have three days to decide which of the two names will progress to the next round, upon which I will announce the result and create a new poll with the next two names.

Winner moves on to the next round, and the winner of the final poll of the last two televangelists will be crowned the winner on Xmas Day.

As a sneak peek, the first contest will be Todd Bentley vs Jerry Falwell Sr.

Upcoming battles also include:
Pat Robertson vs Brian Houston
Joyce Meyer vs Jim Bakker
Oral Roberts vs Kenneth Hagin

Only on The Tall Friendly Atheist Dad Blog & Podcast Twitter page!

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